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10/10 S. Mills

We have just a few things on our heart that we would like to share.

First off we would like to express our joy and thankfulness for the visit from our conference. They were an encouragement to us and our people.We loved all the treasures and trinkets that were sent down with them. It felt like Christmas. 

Secondly we would like to ask prayer for a few burdens that we are carrying. 

1. Pray for a young couple that are facing marital problems. It was a shock to receive the news but we know that God can intervene and bring true repentance.  

2. The brother of Sister Cidia (pastor`s wife at Monte Pascoal church) fell from his roof this morning and is critical condition.  His name is Berto. 

3. Stephen and Pastor Eraldo leave Monday for their trip to St. Joseph. They will return Thursday afternoon.  Pray for Kezia and Sophia as they will be home alone. 

Thank you for your faithful support of us and God's work here in the Amazon

10/11 R Sickler

I received word at 12:45 this morning that the group had arrived safely in Brazil and had gotten through customs without any trouble.  That is always a relief when that is over. Please continue to hold them up in prayer over the next 7 days as they endeavor to follow the Lord's leading and be a blessing in Manaus.

10/9 R Sickler

Bro. Peabody, Bro. Sickler, and Isabelle Whitney will be flying from JFK to Manaus, Brazil tomorrow.  They leave from NY shortly after noon and arrive around midnight tomorrow night.  Please pray for their safety and connection with flights and all the stresses that go with travelling international.  Also pray that they will be a blessing to the Millses and the nationals.  They have some projects they plan to do.  Please pray for Divine leadership throughout the entire trip.

9/25 R Sickler I just received this request from Sr. Dave Case.  Please remember this little girl in prayer.  She and her family definitely need a touch from the Great Physician.
8/21 R Sickler

Bro. Steve Mills left today along with Pastor Agnei for St. Joseph's.  They will be gone till Thurs.  Please pray for their safety and that they will be a blessing while they are there.  Also please pray for Kezia and little Sophia as they stay home and hold things together.

Thelma Heckman will be turning 91 the 31st of August.   Her address is:
P. O. Box 654
Hobe Sound, FL   33475

8/4 J Peabody

I wanted to let you know that my sister-n-law Debbie (My wife's brother's wife) passed away suddenly yesterday morning.  She was 46.  She died in her sleep.  She leaves behind her husband Jerry and two older children.  Kaitlin (20) and Caleb (17)  Please pray that God would undergird Jerry and his children.  My wife and I and our youngest daughter Jianna plan to leave today and head to Marion, Ohio where they live.  We are trusting God to help us as we travel and as we visit with the family.  At this point we are not sure when the funeral (memorial) service will be.  Please pray that God would make us a blessing for the cause of His Kingdom.

This results in us missing at least the first part of Binghamton Camp.  Our prayers are with Rev. Jonathan Fall (Camp Supervisor) and the southern zone preachers.  May God give strength for the battle.  The very word encampment signifies spiritual warfare.  "Encamped along the hills of light ye Christian soldiers rise..."  Rev. Leonard Sankey and Rev. Dan Kaufman are our evangelists this year.  The Fall family and the Byer family will be sharing in the special singing.  May God's Holy Spirit come and fill the temples.  I regret the fact that I will miss the reunion and the meeting of the many that will be a part of it.  My prayer is that His Spirit will come and make the difference in the hearts of all that attend.  You can be assured that I will be praying for the reunion service.  Rev. Rowan Fay and Rev. Donald Myers will be in charge of guiding the reunion service.  Binghamton Camp is where I got my feet down spiritually as a 17 year old boy.  I remember the singing and shouts of praise as well as the God-anointed messages.  It was in the 1984 camp on a warm afternoon in the front center section of the tabernacle on the old pews(benches) that God called me to go to bible college and at the time I hardly knew that there was such a thing as called a bible college.   It was in 1992 in the Binghamton Tabernacle that I was ordained to the ministry.  Rev. J. I . Paige, one of the evangelists at the time preached the ordination service.  Paul and Robyn Clemens were the song evangelists and they sang "To be like Jesus" (My favorite song which I am sure they had no idea at the time).  When they sang that song God witnessed to me that he was sealing again the call of God to my heart.  God had called me to preach and there was no doubt about it!!!!   May God bless the memories and may he use them to tug at the hearts of all that are present.

At Binghamton Camp this year may souls be convicted, saved, sanctified, comforted, strengthened and made ready for heaven.  To God Be The Glory!!!

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